Thursday, October 11, 2012

Look Who's Driving

Bruce pointed out to me this morning that today is 10-11-12!  A good day to update my poor neglected blog.  My sophomore is loving his new found freedom since he got his drivers license!  I am actually enjoying it so far as well, it's pretty nice to have one more driver in this family.  Trent can finally get himself to where he needs to go and run some of my errands too.
Last Monday he was inducted into his school's chapter of the National Honor Society.  I'm so proud of him for being grade conscious!  He's second from the left in the picture above.
 He is diving back into Speech and Debate Club this year as well as taking some classes he is passionate about like computer programming and web design.  His programming class was taught at a different high school than his but he wanted to take it so badly that for the first month of school I picked him up 2nd hour and he drove us across town to the other high school.  I would take a walk or read in the car (yes I did get caught up on a lot of reading) while he was in class, then he'd drive back to his high school for the rest of the day.  It was a huge chunk out of my morning but it accomplished a couple of good things.  First, he got some awesome driving experience at a time of day when the traffic is lighter, and second and most importantly, I got to spend some one-on-one time with him. I would ask him what he did in class, quiz him on his biology while he drove or talk to him about girls and he couldn't escape, haha.  Speaking of girls, Trent composed the music and wrote lyrics to a song he used to invite a girl to the Homecoming dance.  Eeck!  Why am I more okay with the driving part than the dating part?!  I think I'm in denial that we are already in THIS phase of life.  Kids never listen when you tell them to stop growing nosireeee.  Well, happy 10-11-12 to ya!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter '12

 Easter weekend was fun.  First we went to brunch and an egg hunt at the church.  Brilee found a stash of eggs (Trent and other young men had hidden) inside of a bush.  Teagan helped her dig them out.
 Then we went home to color some of our own.

 Have you tried the rubber band trick?  It gives the egg a cool design. 
 Have I mentioned our nephew, Victor, is staying with us.  I think he's wearing a few color splatters from the eggs plopping into the liquid.
 The Easter Bunny found us!  So proud of him that he kept it under control this year and didn't over spoil anyone, haha.

 Getting ready for the egg hunt downstairs. 
 On your mark, get set, GO!
 Bri and Ben found several around the doll house...
 Brilee's bucket was nearly full to the top.

Ready for church, the best part of Easter Sunday right?  We're so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement and for the resurrection which we celebrate.

 Even our dog, Ninja, found her way into the picture. 
 What do you know, a few more eggs were found downstairs in the days following Easter.

Power of a Teacher

The Speech and Debate Club had their end of year banquet April 30th.  Here is Trent with "Coach Stevo" as all the students call her.  She is new to the school this year (but has coached for 8 years) and the students have loved her for her enthusiasm and dedication.  She actually wrote up a little paragraph for each of her 53 speech and debate students as she recognized each one on stage.  Here is her write up for Trent:

"Getting to vote for a savage for technical support was one of the greatest moments of the year.  Trent is a dedicated, fun and talented gentleman who competes in policy and was a semi-finalist in OA (Oratorical Analysis) at state speech.  At speech-a-thon, Mikkel S. and I enjoyed coaching Trent.  He was so patient and coachable working hard to execute his speech perfectly.  The drive and dedication he exerts not only benefits Trent, but without him the team would not have a website.  Trent is a valuable and important member of our team whose drive I predict will bring even more success next year."

There were 26 high schools represented at state speech with 492 entries.  Trent's high school took 25 students.  Seven students broke into the semi-finals with 4 of those being freshmen.  A few students will be attending nationals for debate in Indianapolis this June.  This teachers enthusiasm has grown this club at Highland.  It was the one class Trent looked forward to all day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Trent has had a fun time with the Speech and Debate Club in his freshman year of high school.  He has made new friends and learned a ton.  He really enjoyed debate and traveled to numerous tournaments November through March.  The farthest one was Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

 But it was in Speech that he qualified for State.  He is in Boise this weekend participating in OA (Oratorical Analysis) and chose Franklin D. Roosevelt's inaugural address.  I got a text from him earlier today and he broke in to the semifinals (which began at 5:00)!  Way to go bro and good luck!!!

What Would You Say If...

What would you say if you were driving in the car with your kindergartener and out of the blue he says, "My teacher is a bad person.  She has a real tatoo, drinks coffee and has a ring tone that says:  I'm sexy and I know it..."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

 We had a yummy dessert last night for family home evening - strawberry and vanilla ice cream cake.  The best part was Dad did the lesson.  I LOVE when he takes charge!!!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday was back to school and everyone had a new first.  Trent started his first day of high school. Teagan began her first day of middle school.  These two take off first at 7:30 a.m.
Then these two follow shortly after at 7:45 a.m.  So thankfully everyone leaves about the same time which makes it possible for devotional to happen at a sane hour.  Brilee had her first day of Montessori school (3rd grade).  And Benjamin had orientation for kindergarten which will start next week.  Since he left a little later for that he filled the gap with extra long teeth brushing, rinsing with mouth wash, and asking me to put gel in his hair.  I love the gel look but normally he wants nothing to do with it.  But he was good with some extra primping yesterday, which just cracked me up!  But the result:  a super handsome kid WITH fresh breath!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Splish Splash Hawaiian Bash

Brilee was born the day after Christmas.  It isn't exactly the best time to have a friend birthday party and so she has never had one.  And always wanted one.  And I've been promising her one for the last couple years.  So now that we finally have some grass and landscaping we threw Brilee a big Splish Splash Hawaiian Luau Bash!  She invited about ten friends. 
We played three games:  pass the coconut (like hot potato), beachball toss, and a tropical relay where the girls had to put on a grass skirt, large flower lei, big pair of flip flops, big straw hat, and crazy glasses.  Then the part they were all dying for - the water slide...


 We served the yummiest luau punch in pineapple cups, cake, and for the ice cream Teagan and Taryn (my party assistants) served sorbet in pineapple, coconut, orange, and lemon halves.  My friend MaLea introduced me to it and it went along perfect with our party theme.  Plus they are delicious!  You can buy them at Costco.

 These guys worked their tails off getting the new trampoline put in by party time.  It had only arrived the day before the party, our old one was a saggy, droopy danger zone. 

 Long after the party was over neighbor kids stuck around and decorated our sidewalk with their beautiful artwork.  The birthday girl sporting her new shades...
 Benjamin and Shaylie played endlessly with the dragons...
By the end of the day we still had a houseful and they decided to make it a sleepover.  Brilee got a Disney make-up kit and that led to some serious pink eyeshadow make overs.  Then they raided the girls' dress closet and wanted me to take pictures of them.  They were pretty silly by this time of night.  Brilee loved every minute of  her first official friend birthday party!